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What to Expect When Filing for Personal Bankruptcy

If you are tired of being in debt and you want an end to harassing creditors and being unable to make even the minimum payments, you need to consider filing for bankruptcy. At Bankruptcy Legal Counseling Center of OK, we help clients through the complicated bankruptcy process. You need an experienced bankruptcy lawyer to provide counsel and help you find a successful resolution to your bankruptcy problems.

During an initial interview, we will discuss your options for filing for bankruptcy. If you determine that bankruptcy is in your best interests, we can help you get consumer credit counseling in order to obtain a certificate necessary for declaring bankruptcy. We can assist you in gathering the materials and paperwork you need to move forward. After credit counseling, we help clients fill out the paperwork and run the calculations for the means test. This test will determine what form your bankruptcy case may take and what debts may be reasonably repaid.

Whether you wish to file for Chapter 7, or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, we will advise you on your legal options and their consequences. After the information has been collected, counseling has been completed, and the means test has been run, we have another meeting to make sure that you approve everything we have prepared for you. At this point, we will take the case to court, file the paperwork, notify your creditors by mail, and receive a case number for your bankruptcy.

Within 45 days after your case is filed, there will be a Section 341 meeting of creditors. Within 90 days of filing, you will have a discharge filing. We provide information to the U.S. Trustee, work out payment schedules, and deal with creditor issues. We help our clients with many personal bankruptcy issues, including bankruptcy litigation and appeals. We serve our clients’ best interests every step of the way.

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